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These 3 breeds adore children, but also the company of other dogs

Although dogs are pack animals by nature, it depends on their breed how they react to other representatives of their species in the immediate environment. Especially in home and family conditions. These 3 breeds have no problems with other dogs, and they also like the company of children.




Beagle – Image copyright: The Husky Post
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For centuries, beagles have been used as helpers in hunting and hunting for prey along with other dogs. They are used to being surrounded by people and dogs and then they feel most natural. It is a friendly breed, which should be expected to make new friends (two-legged and four-legged) almost every time you take it for a walk.

They are not always in the mood for cuddling and close company, but they are a good choice for a family with small children because they get along well with them.



Cocker spaniel
Cocker spaniel – Image copyright: The Husky Post

They are too cute at first glance, and they also like to be pampered. What they need to pay attention to is that they need brushing and hair maintenance. They used to be hunters, which is why they like to be active outdoors, but they don’t need as much activity as beagles.

They enjoy being the center of attention and do not mind being surrounded by children or other dogs. It is not difficult to train them and you will easily get used to almost every home and environment, writes



Husky and baby
Husky and baby
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Sociability is practically in their blood and they like to meet new dogs and participate in various activities with them. They were raised to help people in Asia and are used to teamwork in extreme conditions.

They adapt to every task you give them and will gladly fulfill it, alone or in the company, but they also expect something in return. First of all, they have to be constantly active, they shed a lot and like to bark. In their case, it may be better to have two huskies from the beginning and do everything in pairs.



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